Having southern roots, good food was always part of family gatherings.  In my family, my mother whom everyone called Granny, was always in the kitchen.  She would be the first person to arrive, with food in hand, to welcome a new baby, to help out when someone was ill or to comfort the family when someone had passed away.  I have carried on this tradition with helping my grandparents with meals when my own grandfather had dementia.


Nutritious, flavorful foods that are familiar and presented in single-serving sizes can be a huge time saver for hectic family life. Originally our concept was for senior meals to assist families with food choices of loved ones.  But maybe you don't like to cook after a long day or you need an alternative for lunch at the office.  


Granny Meals offers delivery of flash-frozen meals on Fridays although please call or email if another day is more convenient.  Due to numerous requests for pick up, that is also available on Thursdays from 2-6 pm.