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Funeral Food

Welcome to my new and first ever blog! I wanted to share the day to day goings on at the Granny Meals' kitchen and invite you into my little world. I have so many wonderful customers and everyone feels like a big family, which is amazing!

This weekend, I have been pouring over some of my old cookbooks (which I love and have so many of) looking for inspiration to create new menu items. I pulled out a great little book and I wish I could remember where it came from but it is full of great recipes! The title is, "The Southern Sympathy Cookbook". Yep, you read that right... funeral food. Funny thing is, it's not the only one I have on this subject!

Alot of my childhood memories, since I come from a very close and large family, revolve around paying our last respects to loved ones and there was always fantastic food at the funeral home. Is that weird? Maybe. The first time I went with my husband to his side of the family's funeral, he said we should stop and eat before hand but I was certain there would be a buffet of goodness. Boy was I surprised when there wasn't even a saltine to be found! Maybe this is a southern thing? If that is the case, I'm so glad to be a southern gal!

One of next week's special salads comes from my funeral food cookbook and it's called Fire and Ice Tomatoes. I wonder where the name came from since it makes me think they are spicy but that's not the case. I thought it would be a great time to make a summer-y salad since all this hot weather has at least given us some yummy tomatoes and we could all use a cool salad!

Hope y'all have enjoyed this first blog post and don't forget to order those Fire and Ice Tomatoes!


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