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The Southern Love Language

Hey everyone! I've been busy cooking like crazy and have had many food gifts ordered lately and this started me thinking about love languages. I know y'all have heard and read the popular books about love languages. Mine is "acts of service". I just love a man that will do little jobs around the house and fix stuff. Many years ago, I had this yard man who would pull my garbage can back from the street. I was always so happy to come home after a long day at work with my little girl in tow and see that can back up at the garage!

OK, back to food. So, this got me thinking about the "southern" love language... food! What do southerners do for people when they are sick, grieving, welcoming a new baby, celebrating a retirement or a new promotion at work? Well we feed them of course! Nothing like a good home cooked meal of comfort food. Not everyone cooks a big supper with extra to share these days and then what to cook???

A while back, a fun and feisty customer wanted to gift some meals to a kind fella who had helped with her weekly garbage duties. I called this fella to let him know "someone" had ordered him a gift of meals and he said, "there's probably other people that needs this more than me". I kindly told him that he had food coming so to look for the delivery people. A couple of weeks ago, this same customer wanted to gift this fella some more meals to celebrate his recent retirement and because his wife was not doing well. This time when I called to arrange delivery, he said, "oh wow! Someone has ordered me more food!" When I went to deliver, there he was meeting me at the gate! He was so excited and we chatted about his wife. You know, being a caregiver is hard work. I was delighted to be able to share this gift of the "southern love language" of food!

Keep those orders coming and I will "just keep cooking" which is my new motto!


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